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Medical Billing Services



Expert Medical Insurance Billing Service.

  • Avoid claim mistakes that cause permanent claim denials. Don't fumble, or take chances.

  • Increase your reimbursement by as much as 200% or more

  • Get your insurance pay check faster

  • Let us professionally file your the right way, or

  • Help you get all you need from your provider

  • What does it cost? There are two filing fees:

    • $89 initial processing and claim filing fee. The only reliable way to determine whether your treatment is covered by your insurance is to file and defend a claim. Any other way will typically result in claim denial. Your insurer is required to provide you with one or more statements during this process showing the outcome of your claim.

    • When your claim is paid, additional filing fee of 10% of the billed amount or 10% of "Allowed Amount" shown on your insurance EOB (Explanation Of Benefits) statement, whichever is lesser.

To "Get Started" please proceed to make a payment for your processing / filing fees, and be able to access and download our filing packet with the instructions.  Hit the "Buy Now" button below to continue...




Certain dental  procedures can be billed under your Medical Insurance

Your dental benefits dollars are usually small annually to cover some of your major dental procedures such as an implant, removal of a cyst, bone grafting or sinus lift.
Claims Filing



To file your claim, first buy or purchase a claims filing packet. That covers the filing and processing fees, provides all the simple forms you'd need to fill that only takes about 10-15 minutes and the agreement / Consent form that you and your provider would need to sign to authorize us file your claim and represent you in dealings with your insurer.







Step #1:

Please click the "Buy Now" button below to make a payment for your OMS Claims filing services to begin.







Step #2:

Click here to go to download page - after making your payment.

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We present a few testimonials that illustrate our expertise and ability to collect your medical dental procedures that mostly fall into the OMS class.


Testimonials... to be added soon





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