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SRI Consulting Experience and projects story.

We'll share a little something about some of our gigs with a few of the over a dozen fortune 500 companies in the USA that we've worked for and earned their trust, including other mainstream Consulting companies that we've partnered with on a number of new project initiatives.

Hewlett-Packard, Vancouver, WA

Inference Corporation (eGain, Inc)

Gateway Computers, Sioux City, IA

US West Communications, Denver, CO

Nortel Networks, Dallas, TX

Uniden, Dallas, TX

IBM, Armonk, NY

AOL, Handel, MD & Tuscon, AZ

Bank of America, Phoenix, AZ

Stop & Go Supermarkets

Panasonic, Chicago, IL.

Schwan, Marshall, MN

Shell Oil Products US


Equiva Services, LLC

Relief Network Ministries, Inc.

WorldPMO, Houston, TX

UNICARE Center for Dental & Implant Surgery

Sunny & Saima Assisted Living Homes

PTech Engineering LTD

GLG, Austin, TX.

At SRI, we are passionate about what we do to make life a whole lot easier for clients and customers. We always go a step further than required to deliver results and keep our stakeholders happy.


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