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Expert medical insurance billing.

Oral & Maxillofacial Surgery (OMS)
Temporomandibular Disorder (TMD)


What's included?

If you have not yet received treatment from your doctor, we'll prepare a detailed, written request to your insurer for an accurate pre-treatment estimate. The estimate will tell you how much your insurer will pay and the amount of your co-pay, deductible, and/or co-insurance, if any.


We'll also prepare and file up to two medical claims for your oral and maxillofacial treatment, one for each calendar date you saw your doctor. Treatment received on each date is filed as a separate claim. Both claims must be filed within three (3) months of purchase of this service.


Includes appeal of the claims, when necessary.

Expect a statement (EOB) from your insurer or health plan for each claim we file.

Claim Filing Fees: $99 Plus 10%

We'll prepare and submit up to two medical claims within 3 months of service purchase. Initial filing fee of $99.00. You will potentially recover some or most of this initial filing fee if it is added to your claim. We'll show you how.


In addition to the initial filing fee is a commission. This commission is 10% of the amount paid by your insurer. There is no commission ($0) if your insurer does not pay your claim.


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What if my treatment is not covered?

Many affordable medical insurance plans pay for oral and maxillofacial medical treatments. If you happen to have an insurance plan that does not cover future medical treatment proposed by your doctor, we'll provide you with information to help you replace your current plan with better medical insurance coverage. If you replace your medical insurance plan, we'll prepare and file up to two medical claims within 18 months of claim service purchase. There is no additional charge to take advantage of this offer.

Please note: your transaction is not complete until you arrive at the DOWNLOAD FORM web page.

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