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"Mortgage Protection life insurance is not for you; it is for the loved ones you leave behind." 
And "You don't get life insurance because you plan to die. You get it because you expect your loved ones are going to live without too much distress."
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We are Symmetry Financial Services - with over 15 companies that we contract with to find you the best policy that aligns with your goal and budget. 

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Appropriate Evaluation and selection

Say something about how we match customers to careers... and find the best fit policy that are underwritten. 

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Phone: 832-385-3229 | Mobile: 713-538-7836

Address: 1002 Gemini St., Houston, TX 77058

Fax: 1-866-587-2032
Web: SolidRock International

In life, things happen at any time - whether it is sudden illness that incapacitates, or an auto accident that may disable you or take your life, things happen, and you must protect those you love the most. Let's help you do a review of Mortgage Life Insurance protection and the benefits they offer to protect your most valuable asset - your mortgage or the equity you have in your home.

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About S&S



Sunny & Saima Assisted Living Homes - exists to provide assisted living services for our Seniors, and others with long-term or short-term disability.  We also provide respite care for a few days, a week-end, or just a few weeks for families that need some time off from the challenging routine of 24/7 care for a loved one. 

We offer utmost care with grace, tender love, and patience, 

As an Operator in this space, we strive to do the best for our elderly, or the disabled by providing compassionate care for them at all times.


S&S Assisted Living Homes - is a DBA of Texas Kaixingda Technology Development, LLC  (TKTD) AKA SolidRock International

(License pending. The facility was previously licensed as LAUREL HOUSE - Aka BALLIEW Assisted Living Inc., and operated previously as Second Seasons Senior Care MGT, LLC. until 3rd August, 2017 when the business was purchased by the new owners).

Services / Offerings



For the Residency Room and Board - the following services are provided at our Senior Care Homes:

  • 3 Square nutritional meals per day.

  • Personal Care and Grooming as needed

  • Companionship 

  • Medication Assisting or Reminding

  • Bathing & Personal Care 

  • Snacks

  • Recreational Activities

  • Pharmacy Concierge

  • Adult Day Care Services as needed

  • Personal Shopping Assistance

  • Miscellaneous Assisting as needed

Client-Staff Ratio in Houston 1:16; Vs 1:6 at S&S; Average Rent $2500 Vs. $2100 depending on level of assertive services and care provided by the Operator.

Our Staff


Our staff are well trained, qualified and experienced individuals that are graceful with care giving to seniors and the disabled. We have 4 regular staff and 2-On-Call staff to ensure that all our shifts are covered. 

In addition to the shift staff, we have the qualified management personnel listed below: 



Here's the brief background of our Admin. Manager:

  • CNA, CPR (Texas) & RN (Pakistan & currently working with the Texas BON to complete NCLEX)

  • Attended Nursing Schools for 4 years in Pakistan

  • Worked as an RN Nurse in hospitals & Clinics for 18 years abroad, and as Nurse Tech at Clear Lake Regional Medical



The facility is also supported by Co-Owner - Dr. A. Sunny Okorie, an astute Project Mgr. & Business Management Consultant. His background includes advanced degrees in Computer Science and Engineering, and several years of service to various industries, including computer support & related business process work done for the medical & dental community, and charitable work at Relief Network Min,.


"The reason we keep coming back to SRI for repeat business is that they truly add value to our company and clearly demonstrate the business benefits sought and the steps they took to bring it to full realization in solid concrete terms that leave every one our stakeholders happy, including our senior leadership." T.S.

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