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Protect Your Family

Welcome. Let's build some walls of protection around those you love in the event an unexpected illness or accident that either ends your life or disables you for life. This is urgent. The time to get it done is yesterday... procrastinate it no more. 

Mortgage Protection Review

Protect your most valuable asset today for your family

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  • Gemini Street

Service Description

For most people your home is the most value asset you own, and perhaps with a lot of equity built into it from years of making mortgage payments. Should you have a sudden illness or accident that incapacitates you, rendering you unable to work again, your family can be rest assured that they're protected by the action you took today in subscribing to a Mortgage Protection Policy. This type of life insurance will pay off your mortgage when you die or make mortgage payments for you when you are unable to work and definitely will help keep your family in your home as they grieve for you and have enough time to evaluate other options that they may prefer as to where to live, or how they go about their daily lives. Let's schedule time to review your situation with some information you can provide and I will be able to give you some great options that align with your needs and budget. The consultation is free, and we can also meet on zoom or just over the phone if that works best for you.

Contact Details

  • 1002 Gemini St suite 225a, Houston, TX 77058, USA

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